Help / FAQ - Clutch Frequently Asked Questions

About Clutch

Q: What is Clutch?

A: Clutch combines everything you need to shop with your phone - mobile wallet, shopping discovery, product search, price comparison, daily deals, coupons and gifting - with the ability to make purchases and deliver them anywhere, with a few taps.

Clutch is the only mobile app where you can get the best deals, give the best gifts, and share these finds with your friends and family in a single place.

Q: How can Clutch make my life easier?

A: Our mission at Clutch is to make your mobile shopping experience simple and fun. We all know that keeping track of gift and loyalty cards, as well as coupons can be a real pain. With Clutch, you can store all your cards in one place so you have them when you need them. But that’s just the start, by integrating with Facebook, we’ll build a birthday calendar for you so you never miss that important birthday of one of your friends or family.

Interested in connecting with fellow tastemakers and discovering hot new products? Explore your shopping feed, follow trending collections, and much more.

Clutch also lets you search for products (online and locally) to find the best price. Save even more time by reviewing daily deals from over 20 different services right in the app. No more time wasted checking 10 different apps.

Spend a bit more time with Clutch and you’ll find even more ways it can simplify the way you shop.

Q: How does Clutch save my important card information?

A: When you save your cards in Clutch, we conveniently organize them by type making it super easy to find the card you are looking for. No more flipping through piles of cards at the checkout counter to find the right one.


Q: What can be stored in the Clutch wallet?

A: Store gift cards, loyalty cards, credit cards, or virtually any other type card (insurance, frequent flyer, etc) in our secure and convenient wallet. You can also store coupons and offers for your favorite brands by scanning the coupon barcode or entering the number and brand through the form.

Q: How do you add cards?

A: Adding cards is easy, just select the + Add Card button and scan in the barcode on the back of your card. If there isn’t a barcode you can conveniently input the numbers directly. Storing your whole wallet only takes a few minutes.

Q: Do I need the physical cards when I go to a store?

A: No, simply select the card you want to use from your Clutch wallet and have the associate scan your phone. If their scanner isn’t working you have the card number stored and they can punch in the number directly.

Q: What kind of gift cards can I store?

A: Clutch supports virtually all gift cards regardless of brand or where they were purchased. If you’ve got it, chances are we support it.

Q: Can I find out my balance on my gift cards?

A: Yes, by integrating with the companies who issue gift cards Clutch is able to do much more than just store your cards such as providing you with balance information.

Q: Why would I store my credit cards in Clutch?

A: Storing your credit cards securely in Clutch will enable you to easily buy gift cards, daily deals, or products directly through Clutch. Keeping up with your gift giving has never been easier.

Q: Is it safe to store my credit cards in Clutch?

A: Absolutely. Clutch uses state of the art encryption to ensure that all data sent between your mobile phone and our servers is encrypted both in transit and when being stored.

Q: I want to check a gift card balance, can Clutch do that for me?

A: Clutch can currently check the balances of the gift cards that are found here. We are actively working towards expanding this list.


Q: What kind of shopping can I do in Clutch?

A: Whether you just want to window shop and see hot new products, or you know exactly what you want and need to find the best price, Clutch is the app for you. With Clutch you can:

  • Explore the shopping feed
  • Find great collections
  • Connect and follow fellow Clutch trendsetters

  • Q: What is the Shopping Feed?

    A: Your Shopping Feed is a personalized selection of products to match your taste and style. As you find more people and collections to follow, save products to your collections and more, the feed learns what you like and gets even better at delivering hot, trending products you’ll love.

    Q: What are collections?

    A: Collections are your way to keep track of and share products you love. Best of all as you find users whose taste you like, you can follow their collections.

    Q: Who can see my collections?

    A: By default your collections are public and anyone on Clutch can see them. However if you want to keep a collection to yourself you can simply mark it as a private collection.

    Q: Can I compare prices in Clutch?

    A: Yes, Clutch allows you to either scan a product barcode (if you are out shopping) or search for the product by name. Once you do that, Clutch will provide you with prices from both online as well as nearby retailers.

    Q: Does Clutch find products in local stores and online?

    A: Yes, we search both online and local stores near your location so you can make the most informed buying decision. We’ll also search those same local stores for deals potentially saving you even more money.


    Q: What kind of deals can I get through Clutch?

    A: With Clutch you’ll get deals both direct from major brands as well as from over 20 deal services including Groupon, LivingSocial and more. Best of all, you only need to look in one spot for all your deal information.

    Q: So you’re saying I don’t need 20 different apps to get the best deals?

    A: That’s right! Clutch conveniently aggregates deals from over 20 different services including Groupon, LivingSocial and more. One app, one place to check, all the best deals.

    Q: Can I buy a deal directly through Clutch?

    A: Yes. Not only does Clutch bring you all the best deals from over 20 different services but you can also purchase those deals directly through Clutch.


    Q: Can Clutch help me remember when to buy gifts for my friends?

    A: Absolutely. When you add your friends from Facebook, we'll automatically import their birthdays and build a birthday calendar for you. We'll even remind you about their upcoming birthday.

    Q: Why should I allow Clutch to access my Facebook friends?

    A: By allowing Clutch access to Facebook, we’ll import all your friends and their birthdays. You’ll then be able to share lists, have them on your birthday calendar, buy and send gift cards and more.

    At Clutch, we respect you and your friends privacy and we only access the minimum data required for Clutch features. Additionally, all data is secured and encrypted and we won’t share it with anyone else, meaning you keep your important information private.

    Q: What happens when I invite a friend to Clutch?

    A: When you invite a friend to Clutch, we’ll allow you to create a request through facebook which will be sent to your friend. They will see this request as a private message with a link to click and download the Clutch app.

    Q: Where can I find your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

    A: Please find our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here.